New DC808 Forum at

4/13/2020 dc808 defcongroups forum defcon was kind enough to offer forums to the Def Con Groups, so DC808 is going to make use of them

New DC808 Forum at

Aloha folks!

I hope everyone is keeping themselves and their ohana safe. Crazy times 0.o

We received this email from the team regarding new forums for each Def Con Group:

Greetings DCG!

I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits. You’re listed as the Point of Contact for a DEF CON Group, and we’ve got some updates.

We’ve set up a new section on the DEF CON Forums for Groups, with a dedicated mini-forum for every group.

We’re hoping that this will take some of the pressure off groups to manage their own website. In your group’s forum you can:
• Post meetings to the DEF CON calendar
• Post updates and information
• Run polls
• Post pictures, documents, and videos
• Have conversations and normal forums message features like Private Messages, etc.
For general social conversations and questions the DEF CON Groups section of the forums has been re-formatted:

We have mobile applications to make interacting with the forms easier:

When you post to these forums, we’ll help amplify your message through DC social media.

We hope the new dedicated forums will make it easier to share information about your DCG. If you go too long without posting anything we’ll contact you to see what’s up, we want to support groups having trouble keeping up regular communication and to keep an accurate count of active groups.

During this time of social distancing, some groups are finding ways to make their gatherings virtual. Let’s take that as an opportunity to introduce groups to each other. Let’s visit each other’s virtual meetings and get to know each other, and to invite non-local DCG members to speak to your group to help build the hacker community worldwide.

Finally, if our information is stale and you are not a Point of Contact any more, we’d appreciate you passing this along to the current POC, or letting us know who to contact by just replying to this email.

Thanks for helping us launch the new DCG Forums. We look forward to seeing how you’ll use them.

DC808 is going to take advantage of this resource so we can use it as a more conversational and functional venue than just The DC808 forum is here:

Make sure to follow @DefConHawaii on Twitter for the latest updates on the DC808 DCG!